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We Are Here To Collaboratively Help End Homelessness And Recidivism Through Creative Housing Solutions And Innovative Work Programs





Who We Are

R3 is a team of highly experienced architects, engineers, designers, contractors, and builders who specialize in truly affordable micro home villages & and other affordable housing developments for individuals and families in need.


 The Problem


The USA ranks the highest in income disparity among all the developed countries. Of the 50 states in the United States California is the highest in income disparity.

Escalating housing cost is the main driver for the increased cost of living and the widening gap between the wealthy and the poor. Homelessness is the most visible manifestation of this crisis, but the problem goes far deeper.

Our Solution


What if we could empower those who are at high risk for homelessness to become part of the solution by building beautiful desirable and truly affordable micro homes and through the process provide job skills that will change the trajectory of their future?

Holistic solutions like this are what R3 is all about.

We design and build projects as small as single ADU backyard units and as big as micro-home villages with 30+ units and we do it in an innovative manner that engages, trains, and empowers those at high risk for homelessness to actually build the units that impacts the housing needs in their local community.

R3 Is A Full Service Firm

We are a full-service firm- we offer a turn-key solutions that take you through the whole design and build process, including helping you secure funding for your project. 

We work with you on the permitting as well as the public relations for the project. 

Through our network of partners, we can also assist you in the management of the property including full wrap-around services.

We are experts in empowering people to come out of poverty by providing pathways towards employment and housing.


The Training Programs We Offer




Our end goal is more than a completed house, it is about hope and restoration and building a better society together.   

This is reflected in our innovative building process. We build our modular manufactured homes units in a unique work training program with inmates inside of the California Correction System as well as youth building programs outside the prison. The inmates receive practical job training and earn certifications in the various construction trades which make them highly employable when they finish their terms and reintegrate into society.



Our Fully Integrated Turn-Key Services


R3 is a team of highly experienced architects, engineers, designers, contractors, and builders who are here to get you into an affordable tiny home from start to finish. We design and build projects as small as single ADU backyard units and as big as micro-home villages with 30+ units.

We specialize in helping clients develop micro-housing villages and have decades of community building experience that we lend to micro-housing village development projects. Our services are wide ranging from construction services, permits and planning, land trust, shared equity and finance, coalition building, community support. We can help your city fix the homeless crisis in your area, let us show you how.

Let R3 show you why we are becoming known in the housing industry as a company that understands the fundamentals of the housing crisis in California and discuss R3’s working solution to help underprivileged families and individuals get housing.

Building Micro Housing Villages Is a Big Part of Solving the CA Homeless Crisis. We Can Help Build Your Community!

Our Network Of Service Providers
In addition to our turnkey solution to design and build your truly affordable housing solution, through our network of partners we can also manage the property for you or help you do it better.

The R3 Pathway

Step 1. Pre-Assessment / Project Scope

Our team will assess the feasibility and constraints of the proposed project as well as local zoning restrictions or unique aspects of the proposed property. We will also advise you on the community building/ wrap around services as needed and the ongoing sustainability of that village.

Step 2. Proposal and Preliminary Design

R3 will provide you with a detailed proposal and contract for the design of the project that will take you through construction documents ready for permitting.


Step 3. Design Feedback and Permitting

R3 works with you to respond to feedback from approval entities on the site and unit specifics and achieve permitting on the project.


Step 4. Construction Contract

After we get you through the permitting process, we either recommend utilizing an existing contractor partner or manage the bid process to put the project out for bid, particularly for ADUs build on site. While the cost of our manufactured units built off site is known, the site development cost for the village can vary considerably depending on site conditions and access to utilities.

Step 5. Construction Phase One

While our factories are building the manufactured units offsite, our onsite construction teams are engaged in doing the site work. 

Step 6. Construction Phase Two

Once the housing units are delivered on site, they are placed on foundations, connected to utilities, and the final finishes are completed.

Step 7. Move in!

Your R3 Micro Home village/ADU is ready for move in!


Email Address:   eric@r-three.org 

Phone Number:  831.214.0964


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